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The passion for horses is not just riding: it is made up of empathy, attention and daily care in order to create a special relationship between the man and the animal. Grooming means establish a relationship good for both and is also the best way to check the horse health. We can identify 6 basic steps for this practice: hoof cleaning, body grooming, brushing, muzzle, mane and tail cleaning. The horse will associate the man with the well-being sensation it gets from these practices and learn to trust and strengthen the relationship. At the same time, the man can keep an eye on its health status. To carry out the different operations, you will need specific grooming equipment that consists of brushes, combs and grooming kits. The best way to organize and protect your grooming supplies is to use a riding trunk, a tool case or our special horse grooming boxes so that you have a well-organized space for all of your products and accessories. The horse riding cases are made of lightweight, innovative materials and each product in this section is beautifully designed and crafted to ensure durability. A complete kit for your stable should at least have riding trunk, feeders and troughs, riding accessories.

How to choose the best horse riding case?

Designed to store and carry grooming tools, the grooming box is a must-have accessory if you own a horse. Panaro has different solutions in sizes, colors and internal configurations. You'll find models with internal dividers to better organize items, a removable brush holder to keep the case from getting dirty, removable trays to organize small parts. Panaro also provides a wide range of horse feeders, drinking troughs and accessories for your stable.

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